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Hangzhou Golden Harvest Health Industry Co., Ltd.
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Drone Pupa
Product Description: Drone pupa is an ideal health food with higher protein and less fat content. Drone bees are the male bees of the colony, when it hatches; the nurse bees supply it with abundant food. The lyophilized drone pupa we provide is the 20-22 days drone larva that collected before it emerges. The vitamin A content in drone pu...
Queen Bee Larva
Product Description: The queen is the only fertile female within a honeybee colony and is responsible for maintaining a strong population of worker bees in the hive. The difference of queen and worker bee larva arises from a variation in diet. They're all fed similar royal jelly diets for the first three days, after which the diet of worke...
Bee Venom
Product Description: Bee Venom is a complex mixture of proteins (enzymes and peptides) with unique pharmacological activities. he main enzymes in Bee Venom are hyaluronidase and phopholiphaseA. Peptides are proteins that possess specific biological activities. here are three major peptides found in Bee Venom: melittin, apamin, and peptide ...
Cordyceps Sinensis
Product Description: Cordyceps is a supernatural fungus, which resembles a worm that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to restore energy, promote longevity, stimulate the immune system, and to improve quality of life for about 2000 years. Its life cycle begins as a parasitic fungus, growing and eventually taking over the body o...
Spirulina Powder&Tablets
Product Description: Spirulina is single-celled blue-green algae that grows in warm, alkaline fresh waters around the world, which being developed as the "food of the future" because of its amazing ability to synthesize high quality concentrated food more efficiently than any other algae. Spirulina is 65% to 71% all-vegetable prot...
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