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Hangzhou Golden Harvest Health Industry Co., Ltd.
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Royal Jelly Capsule
Product Description: Royal jelly is a special substance of the beehive. It is secrete from the 11-21 days nurse bees' pharyngeal glands after they eating large amounts of bee pollen as the raw ingredients. The royal jelly is fed directly to the "Queen To Be". Soon after starting this diet she is transformed into a larger, superior bee....
Deproteinied & Water-soluble Royal Jelly Powder
Product Description: Deproteinized and water-soluble lyophilized royal jelly powder is separated protein and water away from royal jelly, but doesn't affect other effective composition. Generally it was applied to health drink. Deproteinized and water-soluble lyophilized royal jelly powder can make health drink with royal jelly composi...
Product Description: Spirulina is single-celled blue-green algae that grows in warm, alkaline fresh waters around the world, which being developed as the "food of the future" because of its amazing ability to synthesize high quality concentrated food more efficiently than any other algae.  Spirulina is 65% to 71% all-vegetable prote...
10-Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid, 10-HDA
Product Description: 10-Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid is a kind of special active substance which exists only in royal jelly in the nature. It is also called 10-HDA. The content of 10-HDA is the international standard of the quality of royal jelly and it directly determines the price of royal jelly on the international market.10-HDA is of signif...
Product Description: Honey is a widely known natural food that produced by the bees. The collecting bees sucked the nectar from the flowers and store it in the second stomach then return to the hive for worker bees to digest the raw nectar for about 30 minutes using enzymes to break up the complex sugars into simpler ones. Then it spread i...
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