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Crude Propolis,Raw Propolis
Product Description

The word propolis is reputed to have been coined by Aristotle, from the Greek words pro (before) and polis (city), meaning, "before the city, or defender of the city".

Propolis is a mixture of nutrients including: beeswax, tree resin collected from plant scion and trunk, bees' saliva and other secretions as catalysts for biochemical changes. The chemical structure of resin is altered during the collection process. Bees transport the processed resin-propolis back to the hive, where it is stored or used.

Bees use propolis to caulk and seal every crack inside of the hive, and spread over the surfaces of the honeycomb cells with a very thin coat of propolis to sterilize them that contain the larva, as well as the cells that store the honey and bee pollen.

Propolis is also used extensively at the entrance of the hive to form an elaborate, winding tunnel. Bees literally have to crawl through a tight tunnel of propolis to enter and leave the hive. In this way, bees are cleansed of microbes as they enter the hive, and the sterility of the beehive is maintained. For the same reason, propolis is effective in treating hypertension, arteriosclerosis and coronary disease.

1) Propolis content: >45%
2) Total flavones: >5.0%

Inner packing:
5kg/aluminum plastic bag

Outer packing:
Carton dimensions: 49 x 26 x 20cm
N.W.: 20kg
G.W.: 21.5kg
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