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Queen Bee Larva
Product Description

The queen is the only fertile female within a honeybee colony and is responsible for maintaining a strong population of worker bees in the hive. The difference of queen and worker bee larva arises from a variation in diet. They're all fed similar royal jelly diets for the first three days, after which the diet of worker bee larva gradually changes to a mixture of honey and pollen. The queen bee receive royal jelly for their entire larval stage and have sufficient in their cells to continue feeding after cells have been sealed and before pupation takes place. The queen bee larva is collected during the royal jelly being produced.


As the queen bee larva has great nutritional value and very easy to decomposes and become black, beekeepers use quick-freezing equipment to maintain its freshness and the activity of the ingredients. Generally, we provide the lyophilized queen bee larva powder as the raw material for further process to manufacture the tablets and capsules.

Lyophilized queen bee larva powder specifications:

1) Moisture: <3%

2) Protein: >45%

Inner packing:

5kg/plastic bag

Outer packing:


Carton dimensions: 48 x 35 x 25cm

N.W.: 20kg

G.W.: 21.5kg


Queen bee larva products specifications:

1) Queen bee larva soft gel: 400mg/piece 

2) Queen bee larva capsule: 300mg/capsule

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