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Cordyceps Sinensis
Product Description

Cordyceps is a supernatural fungus, which resembles a worm that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to restore energy, promote longevity, stimulate the immune system, and to improve quality of life for about 2000 years. Its life cycle begins as a parasitic fungus, growing and eventually taking over the body of the host (the worm) and resembling it in appearance. It is also called "summer grass and winter worm", "Chinese caterpillar fungus", or "cordyceps sinensis mushroom".The cordyceps sinensis powder we provided is a strain of cephalosporium, cephalosporium sinensis, which is isolated and cultivated from the natural cordyceps sinensis with biotechnology and it is already used as part of the people's dietary supplements.Now it is specifically used for excess tiredness, chronic cough, and asthma, to build the bone marrow and reduce excess phlegm. Clinical studies indicate the cordyceps can improve liver functions, reduce cholesterol, adjust protein metabolism, improve immune functions, inhibit lung carcinoma and have a therapeutic value in treating aging disorders.


1) Appearance: fine brown powder

2) Adenosine: 0.3%

3) Heavy metals: <10ppm

4) Moisture: <8%

5) Total coliform: negative

Inner packing:

1 or 5kg/plastic aluminum bag

Outer packing:


Carton dimensions: 48 x 35 x 25cm

N.W.: 20kg

G.W.: 21.5kg

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